Thresholds – “Aha” moments – I need you!

This week my head has been tortured with understanding and using the different verbs for learning/studing/teaching:

Изучать / Изучить


учить / выучить

учить / научить

At the same time we’ve been delving into perfective/imperfective and my brain has been firing on all cannons (argh – dreadful cliché but it does express very well how I feel) Russian is a hard slog at the moment. I know from my studies that we need to pass through this barrier -cross this threshold – and I’ll get a sense of achievement. But I’m not there yet 🙁

Perhaps I need to take a step back and look at what I  have achieved: since starting “in anger” last September  I’ve reached GCSE standard and A1 on the Common European Framework for Languages. I can speak in the present, past and future and I can understand A LOT. I’ve reached a level in Russian in ten months which I took three years to reach in French and German, and I never got demoralised then. But that’s because it was never hard! Learning French and German I had plenty of time – and they were easier languages of course. Russian is a difficult language, even for the hardened linguist that I am, and to expect to reach a high standard in just a few months is perhaps a bit optimistic.


But wait until this time next year!!!

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