Hard slog – pushing through the barrier

I’m carrying on with my weekly Skype lessons – they’re very good, very intense and we are moving fast. I am also carrying on with my Red Kalinka readings and Moodle exercises. However, I am feeling a tiny (tiny) bit despondent at the moment. I think this is because it’s all just work, soldiering on, practising, learning. I still don’t feel confident when speaking that I will use the correct adjective or noun ending (verbs are OK) and I am still unsure of stresses of unknown words. I’m hoping a “threshold” moment to come and hit me so I’ll get a burst of inspiration 🙂


I am off to St Petersburg again in a couple of weeks. Each time I go – this will be my fourth time – I can speak and understand a little more. Hopefully this trip will give me that encouragement I need to persevere.

That said, I plan to take a break from regular weekly lessons in July – although to keep up the daily practice – with the aim of consolidating what I have been learning so far and coming back fresh in August to continue the battle 🙂

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