TORFL/ ТРКИ Russian exam – I passed!

Yesterday, Friday, I had my final group lesson with the lovely multinational group I have been studying with for the last two weeks. It has been a real pleasure learning with such diverse, motivated people, from the American Dean and German  Theodor, both even older than myself, to the younger and beautiful Italians, Laura, Anna, to the French Philippe, the American with intriguing name Matvei,the young Brits Natasha and Jack, to the polyglot Swiss Darko and more… Happy memories.

The culmination of many months of wondering why on earth I had decided to do this… yesterday (Friday) I went with my son (or if you prefer the Russian way, ‘We with my son went..’) to the university to get our results. Delight! We both passed – he passed his B2 exam with an average of 84% (with 96% percent on speaking – brilliant!) and I passed with an average of 90%. The actual results are here:

  • Writing – 85%
  • Speaking – 84%
  • Grammar/Vocabulary – 93%
  • Reading – 93%
  • Listening -96%

I was quite pleased and surprised by the Listening results but slightly irritated by the Writing and Speaking results. It’s the first time I’ve ever got below 90% on any language exam which gives percentages as grades 🙁  I wonder if I might have done better if I hadn’t finished the writing after twenty minutes ? I wonder if I might have done better if the examiner had followed the script of the speaking test to the letter instead of having a natural conversation with me?

Maybe not. Whatever. I should be pleased and I am certainly encouraged to continue to B1 level, as my son is encouraged to continue to C1.

We get the certificates on Monday – watch out for the selfie! And then it’s Onwards and Upwards. (Oh no, not Motion verbs again!!)


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