Russian, Glasgow, Russian and more: 25 March – 1st April

So I attended the UK and Ireland MoodleMoot in Glasgow and of course was delighted when on my first day on the registration desk I met a lovely Russian delegate, Elizabeth, from Moscow, and then on the third day met up again with (the equally lovely, of course) Ruslan Kabalin from Lancaster University. Any opportunity to practise my language skills! If you are a Moot attender and native Russian speaker – beware!

Surprisingly I also discovered a Russian restaurant just across the way from our hotel. Cossachok: the first and only in Scotland – with a great atmosphere, window display and friendly Lithuanian waitress who, of course, was subject to my Russian assault but acquiesced with grace 🙂 Here is the website: Cafe Cossachok – highly recommended (by me!)

Upon my return I was faced with the reality that my Russian exam is but eighteen (and nineteen days away). The worries have started up again. This was my desk this morning:

I just haven’t learned ALL OF RUSSIAN yet 🙁  Oh well, hopefully I will have learned enough to pass the A2 exam…

I did cheer myself up by memorising another Viktor Tsoi song though:

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