My week in Russian: 12- 18 Feb

I’ve been remiss recording my efforts so I will do a weekly round up from now on. In the style of Jessie from the Fast Show this week I have been mostly…

  • getting into a panic about the Basic Exam I plan to take mid-April. On the plus side, I am hoping my son will finally take his next level at the same time – therefore helping me conquer my fears of facing bureaucracy in an unknown place (SPBU) in a foreign language by accompanying me…
  • practising the Imperative. That’s the second person, the first person plural and the third person. My teacher told me about the song Пусть всегда будет солнце ,the whole refrain of which is third person imperative.
  • memorising another song. After grappling delightedly with aluminium cucumbers and three Chuchki wise men (Алюминиевые огурцы) I made a complete change and learned Ещё не вечер, a laid back song popular with the cabaret act at one of the restaurants we frequent in SP (I’ll reference it when I remember its name!)
  • getting depressed about not yet mastering cursive. I’m sure I read somewhere you don’t need it for the Basic Level A2 exam – but I need to find that information again…
  • continuing to work my way through the very thorough Motion verbs courses on the Tips4Russian site. I am doing Motion verbs 1 and 2 at the same time. Motion verbs 1 is fine as I am reasonably confident with them, so this course gives me a bit of a boost to continue with the Motion verbs 2 course which goes into such detail… my goodness, there are so many uses!! When I do eventually finish the second course , I am going to go right back to the beginning again and start all over again – maybe even a third time. ( I hope I am right in assuming I don’t need to be a 100% expert on all uses of all motion verbs for my exam)
  • Did I mention I was getting into a panic about an exam?

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