Mission accomplished – базовый уровень – been there, got the T-shirt!

Ok – I didn’t get a T-shirt but I got a certificate:

And today I fly back to the UK after three weeks of fulfilling my mission of immersing myself in the Russian language and culture. It’s been great – from the first tentative steps in a supermarket trying to understand the cashier’s questions to my final night independently navigating my way to the fourteenth floor of a concrete block to have a very Russian dinner with an ITMO teacher and his Russian wife.

The original aim of this blog was to record my journey learning Russian.  I didn’t imagine at the start that I would actually take an exam and get an “official piece of paper” and now that I have, I realise it’s not enough and I need more.

This is not the end of the blog, rather the end of the first chapter. However, I won’t be blogging weekly or regularly now as I’d like to take my time building up to the B1 level – First certificate. But I’ll be back.. in this blog and in Russia…

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