Group learning – onwards/upwards (again!)

What a lovely week learning in a multinational, multi-age, motivated class! I wish I were doing the course full time instead of only arriving at lunchtime -but needs must – I have to work in the morning to pay for the classes in the afternoon.

This week the focus has been  on motion verbs – oh my goodness – I wish they would go away. Or outside. Or down. Or up. Or past. Or round! Anyway but stay here 🙂

The drilling is very useful though, and I love the friendliness of the students and teacher. I have to say that the intensity of this learning is getting to me – group class and then private lessons, not to mention my own personal studying – along with the obligatory deciphering of food at the supermarket.

The exam is on Wednesday and Thursday. My son kindly gave me his cold so I went into a chemist’s to buy something for a sore throat – mistakenly asking for something for a sore head instead.. sigh… Never mind. I realised, and then remembered a specific brand in the end…

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