4 weeks in Russia: The Man Tuman – Туман Жумабаев/ Tuman Zhumabaev



As if it weren’t enough star-spotting bumping into Russian musician Евгений Фёдоров from Tequila Jazz and Zorge while out for dinner with John and Irina at a (recommended) Asian vegetarian café Laor, the next night I met esteemed artist Tuman Zhumabaev /Туман Жумабаев at the opening of a new exhibition at his own art gallery, tumanart.ru

This was a wonderful experience, thanks to the connections of Irina, not only because I have never actually been to such an opening – many smartly dressed women (and men!) , champagne and the chance to meet the man himself but also because of the opportunity to see such beautiful art. Tuman hails originally from Kyrgyzstan, but for the past thirty years has been producing wonderful paintings – portraits – Vietnamese and Crimea landscapes – all in an enchanting style which, to me, is very reminiscent of the Impressionists. My photos here  don’t do it justice. I recommend you look on the painting page of the tumanart website.

Irina introduced me to Tuman, and when I said I was learning Russian he said he was too 🙂 Apparently he sometimes claims he hardly speaks Russian, yet I suspect that’s not entirely true! His family were there too including his son, also a major talent. Tuman’s wikipedia page gives a biography of Tuman, but only in Russian. There is an older gallery page about Tuman here in English.


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