Мы играем в монополию – Russian Monopoly

No – this isn’t some in-depth commentary about Russian political schemings – it’s that other Monopoly -the game – which my son bought me for Christmas.

Russian monopoly
Russian Monopoly

It’s a good way of practising a foreign language with something you are already familiar. It’s particularly useful with counting and dealing with money. For someone whose geography of Russia extends only to St Petersburg and Vladivostok (the latter purely because I saw it on the map whilst flying to Japan once) the game is also a handy intro to Russian cities. I’ve also picked up quite a few helpful phrases – although I’m not so sure how often I might need to “get out of jail free”, but if I do, I’ll know what to say!  Maybe I will come second in another beauty contest- I certainly understood that one!

Cards monopoly

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